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How it works

1. Get your Free Quote

Tell us when and where you’re going. Our team of experts will organise a free personalised itinerary for you within 24 hrs.

2. Choose a Payment Plan

Lock in that great price today and protect yourself from price rises with a deposit. Lay-by the remaining amount for later!

3. Pay Later, Interest Free

Auto-Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments for up to 6 months or until you fly! Once all payments are paid we’ll issue your e-ticket.

Why Pay Later Travel?

Lock in today’s price

Once your deposit is paid, we confirm the ticket price.

No Interest charged

We are proud to offer an interest-free service!

Flexible payments

Choose a frequency that fits your budget for up to 6 months!

Safe and secure

Backed by SSL authentication using a secure payment partner.

Simple to use platform

Everything you need to book, track payments and fly.

No hidden fees or credit checks

We don’t judge you by your credit history.

Global destinations

Book your flights to popular destinations worldwide!

Amazing service

You’re in good hands. You’ll be supported by a dedicated team of travel specialists.


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Check out our happy customers!

Anthony B.

We’re pretty time poor so having this service gave us some serious peace of mind. My partner and I will be using your service again!

Paul P.

Thank you to the team at @PayLaterTravel! Exceptional service would highly recommend to others.

Madison S.

Why wasn’t this done before! So simple & straightforward, we were able to pay at our own pace. Thanks, PayLater Travel really pleased with the service.

Claire S.

I can’t believe I haven’t used this service before… Everything was perfect! As a family of 5, booking a holiday can be a financial nightmare but your ‘book now, pay later’ option made our booking experience seamless and very comfortable.

Bishara H.

What a flawless experience, thanks for your assistance, Nathan!

Mary D.

Booking our Europe trip through @PayLaterTravel was very simple and organized. Can’t recommend them highly enough


Some questions that might be on the tip of your tongue. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our friendly team are on standby to assist via the chat button. Alternatively give us a call to find out more.

What is PayLater Travel?

We’re an online travel agency with the mission of making travel accessible for everyone. We help our customers by offering a lay-by service for you to book your trip with just a small deposit up front and remaining payments paid in automatic instalments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) that fit your budget. We encourage you to be in control of your finances, and we want you to return from your trip debt free.

How does Book now, Pay Later work?

It’s really quite simple. Tell us your travel dates and we’ll provide you with a free personalised quote that includes all travellers on your trip, fees and taxes. Then enter the details of travellers and choose a payment schedule that fits your budget. Once the your small deposit is paid, we guarantee the price for you and payments will be deducted automatically from your account on your nominated dates.

Do you charge interest? Are there credit checks involved?

No and no. We are really proud to offer an interest free, fee free service. There are also no credit checks involved. We are really transparent and we will ensure you have all the info you need before booking your flight. Simply enter a payment plan that fits your budget and pay over time until you fly, hassle free.

How long can I lay-by my flights for?

Lay-by periods go for up to 6 months (or until 4 weeks before you fly). What’s great about our service is that once your deposit is paid, the prices are locked in. You can then enjoy the flexibility that comes with lay-by, and as soon as we receive your last instalment, your e-ticket will be issued to your email address.

What if the price of the flight increases?

What’s great about our service is that you’re able to lock in the prices today. We know that more often than not, the longer you wait to book your flights, the more you’ll end up paying. For that added peace of mind, book now and pay later with us.

What if my plans change and I need to cancel my ticket?

We understand that sometimes plans change. That’s life. It’s important that you know tickets that are booked with PayLater Travel are non refundable, non transferable and a lay-by termination fee may apply. Our friendly team of travel experts are here to assist you at every stage in your journey so get in touch with us via chat, email, or give us a call.

Sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

We’re 100% transparent with you from the start. We will also ensure you have everything you need before you book. Our mission is to make travel accessible for everyone. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and we want you and your family to experience it too without getting yourself into debt. Check out our happy customers on Facebook and Google.